How It Works

  • Clears contamination (dust, lint, hair, skin oil) from iPhone & iPad Lightning ports
  • Cleans and revives connectors on cables and accessories
  • Cleans speakers, microphone, switches
  • Six tools in one compact multi-tool, plus cleaning solution and micro-fiber surface cloth

The Problem

48% of iPhone and iPad owners report 'frequent' or 'occasional' issues with charging or connecting their device.

The Cause


What causes these problems?

Apple's Lightning connector, with its exposed pins, is prone to contamination from lint, tissue, hair, even the oil on fingers.

Once nasties get inside, they stick around, causing intermittent connectivity issues and damaging your cables, accessories and port.



Why every iPhone & iPad owner needs PurePort

Extend the life of your devices

Avoid costly repairs or replacement when Lightning ports become arcing/oxide damaged.

Avoid annoying intermittent connections

No more wiggling or holding to get your iPhone to charge.

Stop spending on replacement cables

Arcing/oxide damage (blackened pins) is the most common reason cables fail.

Reliable charging every time

All your devices, cables and accessories connecting perfectly, every time.

Tools 1 - 3: Clean & Revive Lightning Ports


Clear lint, hair, fluff, dust, oils and other contaminants from iPhone and iPad Lightning ports.


Tools 4 & 5: Restore Cable Connectors


Clean and restore connectivity to your cables and accessories, applying the included conductivity solution.

Repair arcing/oxide damaged (blackened) pins on connectors.

Tool 6 + Surface Cloth


Brush lint and fluff from your device's speakers, microphone, earpiece and switches.

Lint free micro-fiber cloth included for surface cleaning..



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